Serious lag.

Just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing some serious lag since yesterday. I have not been able to complete any flight. Had to quit my flight into Heathrow some time ago because of this. Have already deleted and reinstalled IF, but there. Sorry if this is a duplicate. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Have you tried flying in area where there aren’t a lot of other aircraft?

I didn’t notice a change…
Try clearing your ram and lowering the settings.
Does the app crash or just run slowly?

device details pls…otherwise we don’t know how to help

I have cleared my device RAM and have gone less crowded airport in casual server, but still experiencing the lag.

Samsung Galaxy tab 4 5.1.1

The never crashed, but runs very slow.

Can you try lowering graphics settings in the graphics settings?

Graphics settings is in graphics, “Chief”.

Try putting rendering quality at low and check again

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I have done all that. Even turning everything low, on my approach to EGLL. But still very slow.

I don’t understand this… few days ago everything was fine.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Did that a while ago.

The only way that is best is to regularly restart your device preferably before a long flight.

You flew Kenya air 787 into EGLL today?

Yeah. Have you tried my suggestions above to try to reduce the lag?

I always do that every time I open the app. I use this device especially for IF and in-flight assistance, so other app runs in the back ground.

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This might be a issue with an old device. Also that tittle is great:)

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