Serious disconnection from my account without reason during my flight


I was in full flight from Paris Orly to Saint Denis de la Reunion and suddenly the plane stalled for no reason while it was in normal cruising speed at normal speed and altitude. impossible to catch the plane and luck for me that I was nearby to say that in its fall I could have violations for overspeed especially when it arrived in the perimeter of 10000 feet. 'I was able to reduce and stabilize it so that in its ceash the speed was below 250 knots.
By leaving the game I realized that I could no longer access my account and services.
is this a bug? since I see that several posts report the same problem. Has it been going on for several days as some say knowing that I fly every day up to even two flights a day and that so far everything was fine? what will happen and should we stop any flight while waiting for the teams to grab this bug and fix everything? and that it would have happened if I had had violations during this fall which could have happened if I had been absent as I sometimes do on long haul. but especially what happens to our subscription.?

thank you for the precise answers that you will bring

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Hi this is an issue the with the servers. Please standby and monitor this thread. Issue is now fixed.

Check out this post: Server issues

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Yes this is a known issue about the server the team is hard at work trying to fix it

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