Sergio_campero's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KBFL [PASSED WRITTEN]

Hi everyone! Welcome to my tracking thread.
Today I’ll be opening ground an tower frequencies for you to come some T&G.
Hope you can help and give me some feedback about the experience!


I’m coming, I’ll be there in five minutes!

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Tag me for the next I’m currently doing my Tracking Thread

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Sure , no worries

Thanks, I’ll be waiting

Pretty good job! Your sequencing is pretty much flawless! Only one thing I saw:

  • If a pilot is reporting their position with “full stop” (____ is on right downwind runway __, full stop), then you should not say “you’re already cleared to land”. The pilot is trying to be helpful and giving you more information on what they’re going to do, as opposed to keeping you guessing.

Great job, I’ll try to come again next time!

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Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know that , my bad… I’ll improve that aspect😃

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