Serbia and Montenegro Trade Travel Bans

When will all this virus trouble end?

All it takes is a disagreement on one or two things, and a domino effect can occur. That is what is currently happening between the eastern European countries of Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegro Airlines has been banned from flying into Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport due to a diplomatic disagreement over Coronavirus travel restrictions.

Why did this happen? Montenegro is the first country in all of Europe to be free of COVID-19, while also being one of the last countries to encounter it. Heavy travel restrictions were set in place along with lockdowns in some provinces. Wizzair and Ryanair were banned from flying in to the country as of February. As of May 24th, all confirmed patients recovered (315) or passed away (9). To keep the virus away, Montenegrin government introduced a policy to allow travel to and from their country. This policy reads that a country must have less than 25 active cases per 100,000 people for that country’s citizens to be able to enter. Serbia, with 11,227 total confirmed cases, is unable to meet that number.

Serbia then imposed a ban on Montenegro Airlines due to the damage Montenegrin travel bans have caused to Air Serbia.

This comes as a surprise considering how friendly the two countries are as well as how tightly-knit Air Serbia and Montenegro Airlines are. What do you think about these rising tensions?




Serbia sounds butthurt.


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