Sequencing and Clearing

Situation: I’m the tower controller and have two planes in the airspace, both in the pattern working on some touch and gos. The first pilot just took off again and is about to go downwind, the second is on final.

I inform the pilot who is going downwind he’s number two, traffic to follow is on final. Once the pilot on final performs his touch and go, he begins to go downwind himself. Do I then inform the first pilot he’s now number one and cleared for the option? Or is it just assumed?

If the pilot following traffic on final was given number 2 clearance for the option, he doesn’t need another clearance once he’s number 1 :)

like what @Jet_Airways_995focus on controlling now lol said, you dont need to clear the pilot for number 1 if you had cleared him earlier as number 2, from there you can give the plane which just finished his touch and go a new sequencing and clearance for the option

You can learn more about sequencing from this link🙂;


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