Sequencing #1 question

Hi. If someone is doing pattern work, they’re the only aircraft and they’ve already done one circuit I’m not quite sure what I should sequence them as.

Sequencing seems to start from 2, and I thought you don’t repeat pattern entry after the first time.

Should I clear for the option when they turn crosswind ?

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I believe you do not need to submit another re-entry command. But do not take my word for it.

Check out the ATC Manual that is your best bet. The rule of thumb in the IFATC World (Credit to @CaptainSooraj) is when in doubt, always check the manual.

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If there is only one aircraft, sequencing isn’t necessary

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If the aircraft will be the first one to be inbound to the runway, no sequence can be given as it starts from #2 up to #8.

Since I assume that they took off from the same runway, only a clearance (as #1) without traffic direction ("make left/right traffic) would be needed. Keep in mind, that if the aircrafts requests to remain in the pattern, a traffic direction must be given on take-off clearance.

Patter entries should be only given for runway changes or inbounds; for pattern work on the same runway, we only use sequencing (if needed) and clearances.

As for the clearance timing, I always say that the sooner the better. From crosswind to early downwind is the best moment to clear an aircraft, but keep in mind that it may vary depending on nearby traffic.

If you want in-depth explanation, refer to the ATC Manual linked above, and you can take a look at the “IFATC Beginners Guide” I wrote:

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks to everyone who replied. Clearer now. That document looks excellent. Is there a central repository of these, I hadn’t seen it before though I did see another good one called ITC-3.pdf I think, but that was linked to from here. (there’s the ground school obvs)

I think you are referring to this one, which is the previous version from the one I linked above:

This one, is outdated as the new one include corrections and further information from the newest app version.

Keep in mind that the guide is a complementary material to the official ATC Manual; if you are looking to join IFATC, you must domain the ATC Manual first and you may use the guide to complement that knowledge.

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