SEQM rw36 difficult approach

Crashed approaching Quito, SEQM runway 36. Mainly because of fog but even with nice weather conditions I find this not an easy approach with Airbus 330-300. Advise welcome.

Both ends of the runway has an ILS approach - so use that.

Also given Quito’s altitude - a higher approach speed than normal is required. For Quito - I would say 15-20kts higher than for an airport at sea level.

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Did you fly it Benny? Didn’t know about the speed at higher altitude but I had trouble slowing down because of the rather steep descend.

Start your descent earlier then. For reference you should be at around 10500-11000ft (~2500-3000 above the airport) at the start of the ILS cone.

Remember to keep your airspeed reasonable to counteract the very high groundspeed due to altitude. This is my preferred approach:

Have fun - SEQM is the best! :)


Thats the fun part of aviation is overcoming challenges…

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True, that is wy I have made at least 5 go arounds!

Thanks for your advise. I used the same approach as you did. I think that speed is indeed key in these circumstances. Although I have flown it now at least 6 times with an A330-300 for some reason it tends to speed up unexpectedly in the last few miles. I did it once with a TBM-930 with the same effect but succeeded landing it because of the lower speed. Will try today again staying very close in the ILS glide path.

But gave almost all IFATC radar trainees PTSD ;-;


Did you use an RNAV or the ILS approach?

The ILS is typically used, but requires a lot of concentration to be flown properly due to VOR Radials; DME Arcs; and an Offset Localizer.

The RNAV approaches disengage the VNAV when there is no more data, unless you set it otherwise, so you have to be ready to take over.

Sounds like you were just not ready for the approach. And remember, you can ALWAYS go around!

PTSD ? Sorry, what do you mean?

Yes, you are right! I didn’t expect a difficult approach and should have prepared it earlier. I trusted on the ILS but was way to high after applying full flaps. I made three go arounds and than weather conditions made it almost impossible for me to land, fog. Forgot to monitor my altitude AGL and crashed. (I really hate crashing!) I should have diverted to nearby airport.


Of course! I usually avoid ATC airports but in this case they might have been a great help ;-)

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