SEPTEMBER 1st | Panama City Palooza

Panama City Palooza

¡Bienvenido a Panama!

Welcome to the incredible nation of Panama! Known for its beaches and boots, Panama is a country of much natural beauty, but also of gleaming modern cities and world class eats. Panama is perhaps best known for its canal, which enables ships to travel between the Caribbean/Atlantic and the Pacific. The Panama Canal accounts for a whopping 33% of the nation’s GDP.

Like its fellow Central American countries, Panama has lots of beaches. Over 2 million people visit annually. Panama City is one of the largest in Latin America. With a population of 1.3 million, the city is a hub for economic and agricultural activity in the country.

Tocumen International Airport

Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY/MPTO) is located 10 miles from Panama City’s Distrito Central de Negocios, in the suburb of Las Acacias. PTY is Central America’s largest airport, and is the home base for Copa. Due to its strategic location between North and South America, Copa’s business model is to facilitate connections between the two continents. PTY has one of the highest stopover rate of any airport in the world.

Tocumen Airport was first built during World War Two by the United States Air Force, in 1942. In 1947, the airport was signed over to the Panamanian government. In 1989, when the United States and its allies invaded Panama, the airport was seized by the Americans and turned back into a USAF base. When the invasion ended, the airport was turned back over to the Panamanians.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, September 1st, 2024
Spawn Time: 2024-09-01T16:45:00Z
Pusback Time: 2024-09-01T17:00:00Z


Many thanks for the gates @United403!

Terminal One
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
101 Copa Santo Domingo B738
102 Copa Chicago B738
103 Copa Montego Bay B738
106 Copa Austin B738
107 Copa Boston B738 @CubanTwins
109W Iberia Madrid A359
111 Copa David E190
112 Copa Brasilia E190
114 Copa Las Vegas B738
115 Copa Tulum B738
120 Copa San Salvador B738
121 Air Canada Toronto A321 @Prestoni
122 Delta Atlanta B738
123 Sunrise Airways Port-au-Prince CRJ2
124 Cayman Airways Grand Cayman B738
125 Avianca Bogotá A320 @Aviation_Alex
126 American Miami A319 @NonStopsAviation
127 Avianca San Salvador A320
130W Air Europa Madrid B789
133 Copa Orlando B738
135 Copa Denver B738
139W Turkish Airlines Istanbul B789
140 Venezolana Maracaibo B717
141 Turpial Airlines Valencia B737
142 Venezolana Caracas B717
143 Cubana de Aviación Havana A321 @Oklahoma1
144 Copa Tampa B738
145 Copa San Francisco B738
146 Copa Punta Cana B738
147 Copa Lima B738
Terminal Two
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
201 Copa Washington Dulles B738 @deltaoutofdca
202 United Houston B739
203 United Newark B739 @Olivia12
204W KLM Amsterdam B77W @United403
207 Copa Port of Spain B738 @Barbadian
208 Copa Quito B738
209 Copa Raleigh B738
211 Copa São Paulo B738
212 Copa Rio de Janeiro B738
215 Copa St. Marteen B738 @Mort
216 Copa Montevideo B738
217W Air France Paris A350 @arlin1
218 Copa Medellin B738
219 Copa Mexico City B738
220 Copa Kingston B738
221 Copa Cancun B738
222 Copa Buenos Aires B738
223 Copa Baltimore B738
224 Copa Guatemala City E190
225 Copa Montreal B738

If you would like to request a different route, you may

Panama City has two runways

10,007 feet (3,050 meters)

8,799 feet (2,682 meters)

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May I know the source of this? Also, it’s spelled “Colombia,” and the town of David is located in western Panama, close to the border with Costa Rica.

So many good routes mort, I can’t decide. Just surprise me please.

This will probably be my last flight of the summer☹️

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Absolutely! This information I pulled from the PTY Wikipedia page. Whenever I use Wikipedia as a source, I make sure to check the footnote to ensure it’s reliable. It appears that I have been mistaken - the footnote for this is nonexistent. I have removed that line from the page (I dabble in Wikipedia editing), as it doesn’t comply with the site’s policy.

I have no idea how I got that. I know that David is in Panama. The spelling probably comes from “Columbia,” in South Carolina. My mistake.

What flight length would you like?

This oneee

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Just crosschecking. While I don’t know when was the first flight out of the airport, I couldn’t confirm what you wrote neither: “The inaugural commercial flight was on May 3rd of that year.”

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That was also on the portion of the article that I removed for lacking sources. Thank you.

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I have you down for Bogota on Avianca.

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