September 11 Memoral

As you all know tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
While this is a tough and sad time for many Americans and that many people had lost their lives on this fateful day. All these four flights were bound for California. 3 of them were heading to LAX. The fourth flight was heading to SFO. One of the four flights never made it to its intended destination target.

American Airlines 11
Boeing 767
Struck the North Tower World Trade,NYC
American Airlines 77
Boeing 757
Target: Pentagon VA
United Airlines 175
Boeing 767
Target: South Tower World Trade,NYC
United Airlines 93
Boeing 757
Intended Target: Possible white house or capital building
Crashed: Shanksville PA due to passenger revolt.
Gate A17 KEWR where UA93 pushed back

If anyone is doing a memorial flight please post it here. Would love to see some post!



A quick look through #live:events will present you with any and all 9/11 memorial events.

A quick glimpse brought me to this event: [FINISHED] FedEx Express virtual presents September 11 memorial event @ KIAD - 112215ZSEP11

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There’s quite a few plans from different folks to commemorate this as linked above. Feel free to comment in one or more of the threads and attend if you can.