If two aircrafts are flying one after the other in a line, are too close together when flying downwind can the other aircraft do a 360 degree turn to increase seperation when ATC isn’t present?

Sure. A better strategy might be to wait for the aircraft ahead to turn base, so you can take a longer downwind and then follow them.

Or simply adjust speed to follow the aircraft ahead.

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Yes, if there is no ATC at the airport at all, the 2nd aircraft in line may do a 360 to increase the separation. If only Tower is present, then Tower would instruct you to make a left/right 360 if needed. If Approach/Center is present, they may give you instructions (speed corrections or vectors) to increase separation.

Or, you may extend your downwind/adjust your speed, as Sooraj suggested above.


Ah got it. Thank you so much :D

Ha! There is no separation in Infinite flight! 😇

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honestly, this has happened to me a few times and I just try to get out of the other aircraft way. i normally don’t do 360s unless in in front of if atc instructs me to usually I just slow down

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