Seperate selection for special liveries

When developers add special liveries they should have a seperate livery selection for special liveries

As you can see there should be another section for special liveries under the plane which you can chose from when developers make these special liveries.

I can’t, to be honest. What exactly are you suggesting?

See below the Aeromexico plane there should be other planes displaying the special liveries that AeroMexico has…

I think I get what you are saying. Are you saying other liveries will be able to be seen when scrolling down?
A bit like Xplane mobile maybe?

I understand what you are suggesting. More of a drop down for that livery of different or “special liveries” to select from. I think just having the system we have now being able to select a livery without having to select a drop down is better as you can just see everything right there and it’s more simplified.