Seperate 747-8I from 747-8F


It just doesn’t feel right putting passengers on a 747-8F.


Here are possible additions to 747-8F if separated:
Atlas Air Cargo (United States)
Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russia)
Korean Air Cargo
Cathay Pacific Cargo
Saudia Cargo
Silk Way (Azerbaijan)
Here are possible additions to 747-8I if separated:
Arik Air (Nigeria)


Throw in LH retro livery too.

Long live the DC-9!


Lufthansa already has a livery.


So you want to pay twice?


Lufthansa released a retro 747-8 recently: D-ABYT (Google the reg, not posting a photo here).

Long live the DC-9!


I have a feeling he’s looking for a free 747-8 :wink:.

Long live the DC-9!


@Boeing707, I already bought the 747-8. I just thought It would be nice to fly the 747-8 cargo plane on realistic weight conditions without balance problems.


I can’t help feeling this is a bit pointless as it will just cost you more money yet you’ll gain nothing extra in return?


Plus, there is only 2 freight exclusive in IF.


Air Bridge Cargo is a part of the Volga-Dnepr group, so it’s featured already in a way :)


Didn’t know that. Oh well.


All good :) Take a look at the livery a bit closer - you’ll see the near-identical patterns and colours as on regular V-D aircraft :)


This one we’ve heard before, and Matt already addressed the issue as generally impractical. Going forward it may be more likely with newly added aircraft but not previously added like the current available aircraft.