SEPECAT (Breguet/BAC) Jaguar

Hello all,
I am here to propose the all weather, tactical strike, nuclear, fighter aircraft used by:


Royal Air Force (retired)
French armée d’lair (retired)
Nigerian air force (retired)
Royal Air Force of oman (retired)
Equadorean air force (retired)
Indian Air Force (in active service)

the SEPECAT Jaguar
(Credits: Michael brazier)
(More info here: SEPECAT Jaguar - Wikipedia)

why we need this

We need this jet because it would be a very versatile strike aircraft for the GAF, and personal use (for one i would use it for vRIAT, hosted by @lhr_pilot.)
This aircraft is also unique for having missile hardpoints above the wings
Thank you for viewing!

sounds cool! I’ve voted!


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I remember reading an advertisement for the RAF with this plane

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I like the hardpoints!

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Come on! we need a new fighter!

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