Separation with fighterjets

Do I risk a violation for losing separation when a fighter jet (there are many f18 around) starts chasing me?

I mean, if you can do a formation flight with two F/A 18s just feet from each other, my answer would be no.

Chase them back



Our controllers and supervisors won’t look for reasons to report an aircraft. Usually if there is a separation bust with no malice, we let it slide. If we can see that an aircraft purposely cut someone off, that would be where a report would likely be issued.


Well, not much chasing for a B738 after a f18, is there?

It doesn’t matter exert your dominance

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Oh shoot I’m sorry… I was the one who escorted you. Me and another guy were messing around and I noticed you were flying and generic livery and was like, woah let’s escort him. I didn’t mean to impede on your flight I was just tryna do some harmless escorting.

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This is ok
Also that’s @Dan in the Sri Lankan A330


Escorting is not harmless to all commercial iron jockeys. Its a big distraction and annoyance.

It can’t hurt anyone in a “virtual” environment but their are times when its not wanted or appreciated
and if it was a reportable activity it would be often.

I cannot tell you what to do, but if you want to intercept another aircraft set that up with other Tactical fighters, military aircraft , Tanker rendezvous. Particularly if the Aircraft is descending a managed profile.

Don’t know who gives you the right to uninvited interruption of another users sim/gaming. By lighting up their TCAS or moving map and loitering.

Simulating a CAP or patroling a Air Defense Identification Zone ( ADIZ ) go for it is fun and cool.
But maintaining separation and avoiding aggressive intercepts of commercial and GA aircraft is wise.

Respect other gamers, and the airspace.


Got it, thanks for the advice

I’m still gon’ do it 😛

I got buzzed and harassed 3 times on Wednesday on three different flights; including critical phases of flight. One blew past me on my climb out. All were on the “expert” server


I think this should sum it up

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No problem, have fun. In real live you would have notified me of course. I was just interested in the policy regarding violations on separation in such a case. But no need to worry I understand.
Honored to be escorted!

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I think jet fighters intercepting commercial aircraft on the expert server is completely unacceptable, but on TS or CS it’s fine


Okay, but are both aircraft ‘punished’ regardless of the situation or does ATC look at who is causing the loss of separation?

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