Separately paid aircraft and separately paid flights instead of a professional subscription

Hello community! I have a topic for developers to think about - what if we sell each plane separately and a subscription to flights separately. There are users who pathologically do not have enough time for the gaming world, but sometimes they really want to while away an hour flying their favorite plane.

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Infinite Flight did used to sell planes separately - however this was changed to a subscription-only model way back in 2018 (shortly after Global was released)

They did this for a couple of reasons:

  • It greatly simplifies the process to release new content on both Android and iOS, even allowing the devs to release new aircraft without requiring an app update (they’ve never done this up until now but they have the option to)
  • It allows the devs to allocate more resources to update older aircraft; they ultimately want to bring the entire fleet to the same level of quality that we are now all expecting.

If I recall correctly, the combination of the subscription model and also being able to buy planes separately on top of that also caused issues in Apple’s app update approval process (any mods/staff who know - if that isn’t actually true - feel free to correct me)

They are fully aware that the subscription model doesn’t suit everyone - however its probably the best way of doing things at the moment.


They did that back before global. As Benny has already mentioned it helps to simplify the process of developing new aircraft and it also allows if the opportunity to make sure that all of the aircraft are up to infinite flights’s standards which further drives older users to stay more active and to market to new users. If also realizes that subscription based services are not for everybody so they do offer a free version. And last but not least it makes seb’s day less chaotic than it would be.