Separate View For Taxiway Maps

Since there have been requests for the map, taxiway names, atc taxiway assignments, etc I have decided to put forward an idea that I believe hasn’t been brought to light too much.

Just like the FPL page where there can be seperate views for the map, the map and waypoints, or just the waypoints list, there could maybe be another view for whatever airport you’re going to and whatever airport you’re spawned in. That would mean the addition of two more views.

Think about this for a moment and how great this would be to add to IF.

All opinions are respected.

You mean a SID/STAR feature integrated into the app where you can see your position in the chart?

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No, just a chart of the airport layout with taxiway names and gate configuration.

Ok, a Ground Movement Chart, got it now. Nice idea, but probably clarify the title a bit!


Dont Have Votes, But Im Voting As Soon As I Have, GREAT IDEA!

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Just a quick bump because I think we really need this!


yes so do I, this would especially be helpful in low visibility, as most pilots don’t know whether they are headed the right way
I also hope this not necroposting

I Agree with you as It’s annoying that we can’t see what taxiway we’re on.

Voting for a ground movement chart.