Separate Tiller And Rudder System - UI Examples


Hello everyone. First of all, I know this has been requested before, but I feel that I can do this feature request in more depth, including examples of what the user interface (UI) could look like, and I have had moderator permission to do so.

The Problem

It’s happened to everyone: you execute a perfect crosswind landing, with superb rudder correction. As you gently lower the nose gear, you keep control of the rudder, ensuring you keep the aircraft on the centreline. Suddenly, your plane jolts in the direction you had the rudder in when your nose gear touches the ground. You swerve off the centreline, perhaps strike the wing, or maybe even spin out.

This happened because currently in Infinite Flight, the rudder control also steers the nose gear. On the ground, nose gear steering has a much greater effect than the rudder. In fact, with the exception of light aircraft, the rudder has very little to no effect unless traveling fast enough. This is why the rudder in Infinite Flight has such a small effect when the nose gear is off the ground but magnifies the effect as soon as it touches the ground.

The Solution

This feature would entail two separate systems for the rudder and tiller. For those who don’t know, the tiller is what directly controls the nose gear steering. This would mean that when that nose gear touches the ground, you would be using the rudder, and the nose gear will only move as much as it is naturally turned by the force of the rudder, so the plane will continue to require the same amount of force to turn. When it comes to exiting the runway and taxiing, you will switch to tiller control for greater turning ability.

UI Examples

Now, I understand that to properly form an opinion on this feature, you need to be able to visualize how you would use it and how it would work. To help you with this, I have been a very nice person and taken the time out of my day to make these UI examples:

UI Example 1

For this UI setup, the “NAV” button has been moved to the left, and the right hand column of the interface has been shifted up, to make room for a brand new “STEER” button. When this is clicked, you can select which type of steering you want the slider to control. I think it would be a nice touch if the text on the slider changed between “RUD” and “TIL”, depending on which one is selected.

UI Example 2

Similar to the previous one, this has the function of selecting either steering mode when pressing a button. However, the difference being that this time, the slider also becomes a button, coming up with the selection options when tapped, rather than being pressed, held and moved. This eliminates the need to shuffle around preexisting buttons to make room for a new one.

UI Example 3

This is a completely different concept to before. This would allow both to be used at the same time, for whatever reason you might want to do that. The whole interface has been moved up to make room for another slider. It means that you would not have to go through the procedure of switching between the two, and would have quick and easy access to each one.

UI Example 4

The final example is like the last one, in that both can be used at the same time, and no switching is required. This time though, the tiller is on the left, underneath the throttle which has been which moved up to fit it in. This would perhaps prevent you from misplacing your finger and accidentally using the wrong one. However, its proximity to the throttle might be awkward to use whilst taxiing.

Finally, as well as voting for this feature, please vote for which UI example you think would be easiest to use, so that if the development team do consider it, they know which UI everyone would find the best to interact with.

  • UI Example 1
  • UI Example 2
  • UI Example 3
  • UI Example 4

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That is a nice idea, hope it’ll find its way into IF someday, somehow :)


Excellent choice of what to add! There’s always me Landing with the rudder pulling and the tiller going with it. Upon nose gear touchdown, the plane just jerks to the rudder’s direction. With this, I hope for smoother landings! 😉


I am 500000 xp into the game and this always happens to me. So frustrating…


I always like topics like these. Graphics, to convey what you are saying, and the problem+solution thing also adds to this. Great idea, I’ll probably go with #4, as it seems most logical to me.


This is a must-have! Let me clear a vote!


Great idea George! I would personally love this as I tried out a real tiller in a Scoot A320 Cockpit in Singapore (Just a lil bit, don’t tell anyone lol) and in a Boeing 737 Boeing Certified Flight Simulator and wondered, why don’t we have the tiller in Infinite Flight?

Also, if it wouldn’t be too much work, a small addition to this, maybe the tiller in the cockpit of the plane in Cockpit Mode could also move as the tiller graphic moves. Just like the Yoke and Throttle.


I’m hoping that A320 was parked…

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Um… it is safe to assume so, I would say 😂

All actions that day were done under expert supervision. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

I had this idea for a long time now, I was thinking perhaps under 10 knots the tiller gets used with the rudder slider and then over that the rudder takes over.

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I think we should be able to switch via buttons to tiller and rudder best way that’s how they do it in IRL this would be awesome for Q400

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I think my idea would be better because it gives the pilot more control. You never know at what speed either one of them will be useful. If it were to be an automatic thing though, I think 40kt would be a more suitable speed.


All that waiting clearly paid off from last night👍🏻😬 Great topic, hope we get this soon…!


Example 3 is the best in my opinion. This really needs to be added.

I really like this idea. I’m worried that I don’t have enough thumbs. My understanding is that most modern airliners the rudder pedals only allow the nose wheel to turn about 7-9 degrees. I think this could be automated if over a certain speed the rudder control only allows a 7-9 degrees turn. It would need to be different speeds for different aircraft. I think this would solve the problem and still give enough gear steering to keep on the center line with out leaving the runway.


There is really no need to use both of them at the same time though, so you shouldn’t need any more thumbs

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Yes. On airliners rudder pedals do limited nosewheel steering and this is used for keeping the aircraft straight on the runway during the take off and landing rolls. At all other points steering is done with the tiller.

Imagine The example 3 , if you have the small screen user then you might mistap or used the wrong one as they are pretty close real life pilots use their foot for correct and we control everything through the screen :D

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That’s why there’s other options ;)

You’re right. I wouldn’t need to touch the tiller until I’ve slowed down. This feature would definitely make crosswind landing more graceful.