Separate rudder and front wheel

I don’t know if this sounds weird to you but I would like this in the IF because they are different things in real world.

I’m saying that in real world the wheel does not always turn when the rudder turn.

Instead of movements on ground just being controlled by the rudder why don’t we separate them :)


The front wheel turns when you move the rudder. It’s adjusting. It even happens in real life. Why or how would we even separate them?


It doesnt move when you move the rudder.


Yeah it does… Lol.



Realize that the front wheel is turned.

Let me try to clear this up.

I realize that even when the aircraft is still, the nose wheel turns when you turn the rudder. Are you saying that you want to be able to turn the rudder without the nose wheel moving (when still)?


Wikipedia says like this:
“Larger jet aircraft have a tiller wheel on the left side of the cockpit that acts as a steering wheel allowing the nosewheel to be turned hydraulically.”


I don’t get it what you trying to tell…

I’m saying that in real world the wheel DOES NOT ALWAYS turn when the rudder turn.

This is the feature request


I’m trying to find out what you’re requesting… You didn’t put too much detail in your post.

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Ok so the existing feature we are talking about is the coordination between the rudder and the nose gear so I think what he wants is actually what he didn’t know about (I think)

Guys he is talking about the tiller. Instead of movements on ground just being controlled by the rudder.


Guys he is talking about the tiller. Instead of movements on ground just being controlled by the rudder.


Would be a great feature, +1


Thanks, can I use that to my request


It sounds a bit over complicated to be honest.

Where would you put the tiller on the screen? How would you steer the plane at high speed during take off and landing with a strong crosswind?

I get the desire for realism, but this would be quite clumsy.

Maybe over a certain speed it changes into the control for the rudder but below it it is used to steer the main front wheel 🤔


I think @Qantas_ryan requests a steering wheel button

Total support for this ;)

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I can’t think of any aircraft in which rudder peddles don’t do some degree of nose wheel steering.

For a 737 there is the foot rudder pedals which do give some steering but it is very limited - I can’t remember the exact figure but it is something like 7 degrees so only useful for keeping the plane on the centreline for take-off and landing.

For normal ground steering on a 737 the tiller is used which is on the side panel. This gives something like 80 degrees of nose wheel steering.


I appreciate that


Ild love this to be added. Some planes when parked leave their rudder to the side but their nose wheel remains pointing front.

Instead of the whole very complicated tiller mechanism, why don’t we just have the button to “unsync” the both like the one we have for the yoke, and make it so that at least one of the buttons isn’t toggled on.

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The rudder goes to the side because the hydraulics are de-energised I believe rather than deliberate use of the rudder peddles by the pilots to push it to one side.