Separate Infinite Flight & Infinite Flight live ATC

Instead of combining them inside one app… Why not make them be more specific, 1 app for them flyer pilots & 1 other app for them ATC Live controllers.

Just some tot… Cheerio!

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What’s the point of doing this they are fine where they are and it’s more hassle to have 2 apps


The app itself right now will not be getting lighter but bulkier with every updates. And in real life, each pilots & atc got their own specific instruments for their own. Never mixed together.

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I still don’t see the point of 2 apps cause lots of people will want to use both services instantly not have to wait to load up another app


Whats the point of loading 2 services altogether when we cannot fly n controlling at the same time simultaneously, could we?

Most of the code used for the flying part is reused on the ATC side. All that is changed are mostly the controls and what you see on the map.

Maintaining 2 separate apps on multiple platform would be a major pain.


I think the pain is cos by the fact tht trying to pack all codes together into a container and to make sure its not buggy somewhere somehow…

You mean how most games on all platforms are made? 😏

*if you don’t want ATC, fly on casual server. Why reinvent the wheel?

Did I say anything about I dont want ATC? You got me wrong my man…

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