Separate Global Servers

Looking on Infinite Tracker today, I noticed new servers being shown. Laura was testing in one of them. I thought it could mean they’re implementing new servers to handle the load. Any other suggestions?


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I think it is so there isn’t confusion between the people that have it and don’t have global because of atc.

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That is true, but looks like the testers are still on the normal expert server.

Yes that is why there are new servers. Kind of like when the colonies wanted more room they added some states ;)


That sounds good to me😁

Hate to add to the conversation like this, since it’s boring into a topic that might be better in the Global Tracking Thread, but it also appears that ATC open on the Expert Server are also open on the Expert Server [Global]

Edit: Sorry guys. Think this may just be a repercussion of a LiveFlight Error

Proudly stated by Laura:


Just noticed that, thanks!

Didn’t notice that, thanks.

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Take that back, it might just be a LiveFlight Bug

Do you know if the developers of Liveflight are testers?