Separate category for tracking threads

I was wondering why there couldn’t be a separate category for ATC tracking threads. It would be easier than putting them all in #atc as you can go in the category and see who’s open.

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Well most of #atc is tracking threads, so it would be pointless to move all of them to their own category, and then #atc will only be the atc schedule

I agree. And it would also help not to clog the main category.

#atc would be for people who have ATC related questions.

That’s what I’m also thinking.

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That is currently reserved for #live, people can ask about how IF Live works (including atc) in #live

I do find it kind of funny that the once a week post has its own category in there bot nothing else does. That said those are most of what goes on in there so making there on subcategory would be kind of pointless by separating the ATC schedule they have really kind of separated the only other thing of note to it’s kind of fine imo.

Nope totally wrong. If you have a question regarding ATC, it goes in #atc.

Honestly it’s not a bad idea. Maybe like a sub category. I’d like to see this. It’ll clean up that category with tracking threads and questions


Do you mean questions about a controller or about actual atc?

That’s the point 👆

Yeah, instead of creating a whole new category, just add a sub-category for tracking threads.

If you ask me a tracking thread is asking for ATC related questions. They are after all asking for feedback to join IFATC and help out the team! I don’t personally see an issue.

You can also ask about ATC in #atc. But anyways, usually members will gravitate to the #live category since all ATC happens on live servers. If you have specific questions though, I’d recommend pm’ing your controller as they can always tell why they did what they did. If you feel there should be a separate category, feel free to privately pm Misha or the mods

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The idea of a sub category, kind of persuades me, it wouldn’t be a major change, while still keeping things separate. I would want to see this, of course don’t take my opinion for granted. It’s all up to the mods.

Should we create a new category or sub-category for tracking threads?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think you meant to add “subcategory & and new category” as two options, not yes or no…

Edit: mistake English is weird 😅

Wether it’s a sub-category or entirely new category, the idea remains the same.

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@Philippe_Gilbert, yes sorry.

Maybe it could be like a #atc : #tracking_thread kind of idea?

Such as is already in #ground-school:community-tutorials