Separate acronyms and names in display names

Can everyone agree that the display names of users that include acronyms are a bit hard to read and understand?

The problem

I think that we should be able to separate the name/username and the acronyms in the display name.


  1. When reporting users as ATC, it can be unclear what the username of the controller is when the acronym is included in their display name.
  2. When reporting or trying to find pilots, it can be hard to find users because they include acronyms in their display name.
  3. It can be hard to read people’s display names.
  4. The long display names look ugly.
  5. Most VAs and VOs require you to include their acronym in your display name. So users either have a lot of acronyms in their display name or they have to constantly change their display name to fit requirements.

What I propose

Instead of the current setup, include the following for users to input their information.

Name: Type in your full name, first name, last name, username.
Acronyms: Put all or some of the acronyms of the Groups, Virtual Organizations, Virtual Airlines in this field.
Callsign: Enter your callsign.


In this example my name is Jim Bob and I am in a reasonable amount of groups.

Name: Jim Bob
Acroyms: IFT, IFHF, ETA
Callsign: N12JB

The result


When I’m controlling, the fact the name and acronyms are separated will be of huge benefit.

Example: Jim Bob

  1. When controlling, only my name will be visible. The acronyms and callsign would not.
  2. When I ghost someone they will only see my name in their logbook, in the airport information, in the ATC log, etc. That will make it easier to find the controller on the forum, because their name shouldn’t change.


When flying the name, acronyms and callsign would be visible, but again, you’d then be able to seperate them.

Example: Jim Bob - IFT IFHA ETA - N12JB

Compared to the current setup:

You can clearly understand that Jim Bob is his name/username, he’s in a lot of made up groups, and there is his callsign.

Requests that could compliment this request

Full and Customised Callsigns for VAs

Potential Mockups

Pilot information

I hope you agree with me that it would be beneficial to separate all that information and vote for my request. If anyone likes the idea but has a suggestion then feel free to leave that below and I’ll edit the request.

I’m not sure about your suggested formatting with the brackets but in principle this is really needed! It’s possible for some people to have over a dozen letters in their name just from being in mandatory groups alone.

Yeah that was just an example.

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Do you manually put VO’s & VA’s in the name?

I’d think so yes.

Would there be lots of impostor of VA’s &VO’s ?

There’s loads of imposters now. Nothing stops me, while I’m filling out my display name, from calling myself: IFAEGAF patrickv, even though I’m not a member of the group.

I mean that sounds like a separate request but I could include it?

You should. Because CEO’s of VA’s & VO’s don’t want to deal with impostors!

I’m going to link to the other requests that could compliment this one, as this seems separate. :)

This is what I would like to see - pilot/IFATC click on the aircraft say in map view and it shows your full name driven from your payment method and cannot be changed within the sim (mock up attached)

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I’m a fan of that.

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People may not want their full name from their subscription payment method out there, plus, not everyone that plays pays for their subscription. It’d be useless ghosting someone under their mother’s name…

Edit: And, many under-age users are on Infinite Flight. As a 4-plus-rated application, there are some serious safeguarding concerns too.

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I wouldn’t want my real name out there

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Perhaps but surely thats better than some of the display names people use at present even with safeguarding concerns

Nothing trumps safeguarding concerns, even those who annoy me with the callsigns AAAAAAAAABBC1.

This topic is about prefixes not putting a separate place for real names

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Yes, just separating the acronym and name in the display name is the request. You can use whatever format for a name you’d like.

in the end, @Trio has my vote :-)


@Trio… MaxSez: I feel your pain my IFATC Torch. But let me suggest you take on the IFATC
“ Anonymous” name & handels used by on duty Controller on EXP.
They routinely don’t comport with the IF Mail, inta-communication System!
(Ever time some new guy get a Ghost which is often for the Grade3 on first EXP excursion, the usual suspects fill the Forum with Bloviation and some Regulator does the legwork for an accurate Comm address. That Process is an administrative nightmare and distract routinely.

Privacy is not an issue, , IF so why is your or my address in the Public Record? Privacy is a cop out for Controllers.

On Topic. Before getting all rev’d up on the membership I suggest you clean up your on house.
Your Missive is premature.