Seoul to Vancouver with a Moonshot and a Buttery Landing

A good ol’ long haul, ferrying 320 passengers from Seoul to Vancouver across the Pacific in the beautiful blue 777-200ER of Korean Air. Anyone else think that the logo of the airline looks very similar to the Pepsi logo? Anyway, off we go. Look out for little tidbits about the flight in the captions!

Flight Information

Server: Expert
Time: 9 hours 54 minutes
Route: Seoul Incheon Int’l (RKSI) to Vancouver Int’l (CYVR)
Callsign: KoreanAir 25 Heavy

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On the ramp at the international terminal at Incheon Airport. The time is just after sunrise. I could be absolutely mistaken but I somehow got a very strong feeling that the aircraft next to me is going to Canada too.

Passengers almost finished boarding. One decided to take a quick picture from the window. What a nice view from inside the cabin. Don’t you wish this was a standard view in IF?

And it’s time to go! Let’s get to Runway 33L. While holding short, waiting for an Air China to line up and take off, we can complete our pre-takeoff checklist. The ‘no smoking’ sign was mistakenly not on, but since smoking is banned in all flights anyway, it seemed like a mere formality. I’m sure if any passengers ever lit up in the cabin, we’d be the first to know (or maybe second, after the cabin crew)

Up, up and away! Blasting outta Runway 33L for an eastbound departure to Vancouver. Taking in the full power and full glory of those magnificent engine sounds. I’ll never get tired of them. Copilot agrees, while switching over to Incheon Center.

MOONSHOT! Cruising smoothly over the Pacific, the pale blue body of this beautiful aircraft contrasts sharply against the moon in the deep blue sky. This picture could make it to the in-flight magazine sometime, don’t you think? I wanted to show the passengers this picture as soon as it was taken, but my copilot advised me against it, saying that they might panic. Wise decision.

After a long, but very smooth no-hassle no-delay journey, we comfortably set ourselves up for the ILS 08R approach into Vancouver. Smoothly rounded out and…

…wheels down! The landing was so smooth, I heard some passengers applauding behind the cockpit door. Of course, it could have just been a sound from an app on my iPad…but anyway. Look at those wheel rims glistening in the golden sunset light. A golden landing on a golden day.

Taxied to the international terminal, parked, switched on the APU and shut the engines down before opening the doors. All kinds of aircraft and airlines around me, today was certainly a busy day in Vancouver. Looking around I was surprised I didn’t get delayed or vectored. Kudos, IFATC, and thank you for a smooth flight!

Looking forward to reading your comments, and hope you enjoyed the flight as much as I did!


Great pictures hope to see you in the sky.

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Thank you, you too!

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Nice landing! Love the moonshot

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That moon shot is so good!

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Holy moly, you’re wording was so descriptive and… eye opening. Amazing job! One of the best threads I’ve ever seen! Keep it up!

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Great photos! But that moonshot is just stunning!

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Haha! Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it. I try and make all my screenshot posts this way!

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I sense a recurring theme…

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fabulous pictures!

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