I was thinking that this game is realistic and I wanted to make it more realistic by adjusting the sensitivity. Should I increase or reduce sensitivity or… ??

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It’s up to you, you play the game how you want to play it.


I think it’s better to increase the sensitivity as you wouldn’t need to turn your device completely sideways to make a slight turn, and also it’s more realistic:)
(But it’s up to what you like)

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Sensitivity will not change much about realistic or not. (Yes/No…)

It is a personal choice. Do you want to move less(increase) or more(decrease) for your movements?

I suggest you to try few settings. Try to lower them both and do and landing, and do it again but increase them both.

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I’d actually reduce sensitivity.
Unless you are using a joystick, a phone is not gonna be steady enough for higher sensitivity, at least not for me.

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