Sensitivity Settings


I am currently trying to imp over my landing accuracy. But don’t get me wrong, I am not a bad lander, but I am trying to set higher standards for myself. Anyways, I think that decreasing my sensitivity would help a ton. The only problem is, I do not know how to save it. Because with my current situation, I have to reset every time I fly.

Is there any way to save a setting to it stays that way whenever you fly?

Thanks. :)


I never thought it resets itself back unless you unistalled the app…i still don’t think so…once set it should remain that way as per my experience ;-)

Yeah, I just tried adjusting my sensitivity settings and then re-opened the app. The setting saved.

What’s your device and OS?

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My bad, I know what I did wrong. I keep forgetting that I can open settings in the menu when selecting a location, plane, etc. I was changing it while in game, and that does reset.

Thanks for the help anyways guys. :)


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