Sensitivity settings for the joystick feature? (IOS Devices)

So I just hooked up my Logitech 3D Pro and it does work but I have noticed it is a little touchy and it sometimes lags when you use abrupt movements or it wont register in general. smooth operation of the joystick is needed and I am still fine tuning the sensitivity of the joystick. Any opinions for sensitivity settings or use of the joystick for optimal results ???

Have the same joystick.
Maybe extend “null zone” a bit, if i get what you mean?

see this is where i am ignorant in this type of stuff what exactly is a null zone and how do you extend it???

I have the touchy kind of problem but no lag. I have the same joystick.

the only lag is when I use abrupt inputs on the joystick

On second screen i extended null zone for the “Roll” axis.

Null zone - its when you turn your joysticks axis (one of three at least) a little bit, but nothing happens. If you notice that your plane starts to turn (slightly), that probably means your joystick is not well centered, so null zone makes flight experience better in this case.

Null is “0” 😊


Got it! ill fool around with it a bit and see how this works! thanks @v_berezh

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You’re welcome!)

Simply, one day i noticed that my plane starts to turn on the ground while taxiing, so that meant my “Yaw” axis wasn’t in it best state, and null zone helped me not to cross runway while actually planning to taxi to it and doing something else 😉

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