Sensitivity Of Joystick

Can anyone put his sensitivity for his joystick? Plz And what is your Joystick

Please anyone!

Make it clearer as to what you are asking as I dont understand, thanks :)


I think finding your own sensitivity will help you alot better… I know theirs alot of YouTubers that say, ahh this setup works the best but no.
Don’t be afraid to change around your settings and make your self feel comfortable

Remember, someone’s preference may work for them, but not always you…


I don’t kcare what your saying I needed help that why I asked? If I didn’the why would I even create this topic.

I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Isn’t this topic asking a similar question as this…


Please do not be rude with someone that’s trying to help you. This isn’t the place for those types of comments. If you don’t like his response, you say it in a polite, respectful way. This forum isn’t to be rude with other people who are trying specially to help you.

Thank you


Didn’t you answer his question before?


Yeah I thought I had. Unless he’s trying to ask something different in this topic.

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Mhm, I suspect is the same question.


It’s understandable to make a topic but you have already made one about the sensitivity so this one is unnecessary you could have asked this question along with the other in the other topic you had, if you desperately did want to create a topic you need to be clear as everyone literally guesses what you are saying as its not clear what you are asking, thanks

Hes also asking which Joystick we use 😊

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I just use Steelseries Nimbus, an controller though. 😊

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You can connect external hardware pieces (like a joystick, throttle, rudder, etc.) using a software called LiveFlight Connect (or a traditional USB to mini-USB cable).

Here are some links:

LiveFlight Connect Website

Community Topic

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