Quick question, what is your preferred sensitivity? I can’t decide between low and normal. Low is easy to control if the plane is small and there is no wind and it makes it easier to land but if my plane is too big i can’t control it. i find normal to be too high and it makes my plane go crazy. is there a better setting that makes it easier to control my plane?

As low as possible. My Logitech 3D joystick is sensitive as heck.


the problem is, i dont have a joystick :(

I go Low to simulate IRL - there is often a delay between the control input and the plane responding

your saying with a joystick? I am just controlling it with my phone.

Same thing

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ok gotcha.

HMMMMMMMM… i might try try that!
Thanks for inspiring me!!!

I use really low sensitivity, I just use the 2 command a little fewer then the 3rd one and the 1st at a half of the 2nd

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