Sensational Singapore Pictures

Please keep all the photos from this event in the event topic.

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Ok sorry I didn’t know

No worries. :)

As I said above, please post pictures only in the event topic.

I may have scrolled past and overlooked :)

I have created a new topic so why am I not allowed to do that as the original topic has over 400 comments so people won’t see the pictures

No worries. :)

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Most people will scroll to the end anyway. Plus, anyone who was in the event was keeping up with the feed of the original topic, so it will take 'em to the latest post, your post. :)

Ok sorry I got a bit annoyed I will bare that in mind for the future

Water under the bridge. But if you participate in another event please put your photos in the original topic. :)

Don’t worry I will

I would consider yourself lucky. I made an event and it got 3 posts :-|