Senior ATC Directors/Managers Wanted!(Playground Crew)

As we are recruiting members at a fast pace, we are recruiting Some People to help run the ATC Playground Crew on a Senior Level!
Feel free to apply for the following Positions:
Leader Of ATC Playground Crew(Along with me,Leader and Co-Founder)
Director Of ATC Playground Crew
Manager Of ATC Playground Crew
Chief Admin-ATC Playground Crew

If you are interested feel free send to me a PM! :) Tell me why I should Pick you, How you you be good at managing people e.t.c
Your Application will be reviewed by Me, @Owen_Lewis and possibly other Senior People in IFEP! Then we will get back to you with a reponse!

At the moment we are only accepting serious candidates, as these people need to be qualified to a reasonable level as they might be responsible for Testing and Prromoting people in the future!

Thanks! :) ;)


Lol you control the ATC around here?

Someday I shall join (Not now, later). Pencil me down on some notepad somewhere pls. and I’ll get back to you eventually.

Long live the DC-9!

Well I Control the ATC Playground Crew, It’s a community based thing where controllers can learn/practise!


I would like to join the group :)

only been ATC on IF since the last update but would also like to join.

Anything I can do to help just let me know

Can I join?

I would love to help u out

@BBJMAX he wants to join