Sending traffic advisories

When sending a traffic advisory, what determines how you should specify left traffic vs. right traffic?

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If you make left traffic, you make left turnes in the pattern, and for right traffic you make right turnes. Is this what you mean?

Not exactly. Since there could be planes taking off in all directions - left, right, and straight out - I’m assuming that the option to select only right traffic or left traffic refers to the approach path incoming planes should take. If so, how do you tell incoming planes to take a right traffic approach vs. a left traffic approach to the specified runway?

What i do when someone asks this and I’m on the frequency is put on my ATC cap, look at who’s asking, and give them traffic advisories as if I’m bringing them into the pattern.

They are basically asking what is being used, so if it’s 08R and they need to enter left downwind. I’d say katl is using 08R, left traffic

Adding on to that, if you are on ground and they are in the air, it gives you the opportunity to declare your intentions as well if they weren’t on frequency when you may have said where you are going to taxi to

Are you talking in the pilot’s point of view or controller?

This would be from the view of a pilot responding to another pilot’s GEDCOM request for traffic advisories. No ATC involved since this is GEDCOM.

I just use any. What you are really doing is letting others know the runway you are using so let’s say someone requests advisories to EGLL and the 27’s are in use. I would say 27R right traffic is in use, just determine the traffic pattern of what realistically it would be but it’s not essential you get this right.

Actually I use flight radar 24 for planning so I’m pretty sure when sending traffic advisories.

It has nothing to do with taking off and departing.

If you’re at EGLL for instance, 27L, left traffic, means any pattern traffic should be left traffic.

Some times, it doesn’t really matter. For inbounds, if advisories say 27R, right traffic, it’s not a big deal if someone lands on 27R from left base. It just means they shouldn’t land on 09L.

Side note: I suspect from the way you phrased this, you may be one of those who requests remaining in pattern even though you’re departing, thinking make left/right traffic is telling you which way to turn on departure.

If you’re not, awesome. Ignore this.

If you are, then please don’t do that. You only request remaining in pattern if you actually intend to fly circuits at the field, not fly elsewhere. Make left/right traffic is only intended for circuits, not for departures.

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