Sending Traffic Advisories, was I in the wrong?

I just finished a flight into Lisbon. When I noticed I was within the UNICOM range, I connected to Lisbon and announced my inbound for runway 03, aware that there was one flight ahead of me. About two minutes later, when I was aligned with the runway but not established on the localizer, another flight announced they were inbound for landing on runway 23, which is the opposite direction to where I was landing. Realizing this might cause an issue—since I was closer to the runway than he was but flying at a slower speed, which meant he might catch up and potentially cause a disaster—I announced traffic advisories, stating the airport was using right traffic on runway 03, which both the airplane in front of me and I had followed. I waited about a minute to see if he would go around, but he reported his position on final for runway 23. At about 900 feet off the ground, I was forced to execute an abrupt go-around to avoid a head-on collision. In the end, he landed first on runway 23, and I landed about three minutes later on runway 03.

I’m just trying to understand who was in the right here, and whether I should have rerouted to runway 23. It’s also important to note that this happened on the expert server, and the person who landed on runway 23 was grade 5, which makes me think I might be in the wrong, but I don’t really understand why.

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Grade does not correlate to “professionalism” - it’s simply an indicator of how much one flies. I’ve seen plenty of Grade 5s who appear to have no clue what they are doing.

Regarding the situation you described, you did the right thing here - you sent traffic advisories, and the other pilot ignored them - you then rightly executed a go-around as the chances of the other pilot doing so were probably going to be slim.


You did the right thing. While no one is technically “in the wrong” here, it’s generally good practice to fly defensively. Treat everyone on the server like it’s their first day on the game and never assume they’re going to do the right thing, no matter their grade or experience level.