Sending pm?

I’m not seeing where i could send a PM to another member. I’m currently looking at taking the test for the ATC postion. I have my ticket in real life and think i would make a good addition to the community here.

If someone could contact me on how / where to take the test i would appreciate it.


Richard Stoffel

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You need to be trust level 1 to send a PM. Since you are new you will need to participate for a little bit in the forum to level up before you can send PMs.


Like @Chris_S said, you must be TL1
When you are TL1 you can PM one of the members down here… they can help you :)

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Hi Richard. It would be fantastic to have you controlling me/us and as an ordinary user of IF thanks in advance. I’m sorry the moderator didn’t give you a more encouraging message but I think he does do a good job. If you are new to IF it won’t take long at all to get to the level required. So remember this friendly message when you are controlling me and no ghostings please. Lol.


Since apparently I did not give enough information, along with a welcoming hug, this thread will outline the steps to join IFATC officially.