Sending a DM

How do i know if i have sent a message.

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Simply go to your profile, then messages and select sent!

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Onto the picture in the top right ?

I forgot to add that you can also click your profile picture located on the top right side and press the message icon. That will open your inbox, meaning that if you have sent a message and they haven’t responded, it will not appear.

it’s just because i won a price on their stream


You are the one, congrats mate! (Spam incoming…)

what you mean spam lol?

Congratulations, don’t mind my searing jealousy. Enjoy the prize!

Thank you 😊

Yep, once you open the message section, this interface will appear:


The Inbox section will include all the messages sent by another member. Hope this helps!

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Congrats @Lewis_Ryan!

thank you very much

It’s an incredible prize and I strongly recommend you use it to it’s fullest potential.

i will thank you very much

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