Send & Tune Out

Have you ever been a controller that has seen pilots request a frequency change and never tuned out staying on your frequency for a very long time and the only way to remove them is to swipe away their strip? I have a solution for this issue that both controllers and pilots will benefit from.

My proposal is for pilots to have the option to have a Send & Tune Out response to a “frequency change approve” message issued by ATC.

We currently have a similar feature where pilots can automatically tune into another frequency when ATC hands the pilot off to a specific frequency.

I think this feature will come in handy for many, and I would like to see this added. Though this is a small feature request, the outcome can sure make a difference for both Controllers and Pilots.

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I definitely support this. I hate being a controller and people not tuning out once I told them to frequency change


So minor, so simple, and so convenient. I’ll try sparing a vote.

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to be fair to us pilots it’s sometimes difficult to immediately communicate while climbing and following SIDs

This will be a very helpful feature for controllers, great job Hoss. You will be having my vote and full support on this feature. :D


Your not really communicating its mainly forgetting to tun out. I do this often to I have to admit so that’s why I thought of having a simple solution would possibly help

This could also come in the communication button “Reply to Tune Out”. You tap and it automatically tunes out from frequency similar to what happens when you switch between frequencies. Good feature.

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i know, i mean just the need to reach the commands menu lol

OMG YES That would be much Better :DDDDD Voted!

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This is why when pilots respond they can press a tune out button that also replies to the frequency change message so that pilots don’t have to worry about going to the ATC page to tune out as most forget

I always see pilots asking and spamming for frequency change but when you give them frequency change, they don’t actually tune out. This command can be a nice one to get them off your freq. They can join back if they want some other service else they can tune out. Nice thing. Also as we have send and switch option, this feature might not be a very tedious one to develope for the developers in my opinion.

Currently out of votes but i am in support of this.

This is an amazing feature request. As a controller, it happens every day that I give pilots a frequency change, but they just stay on.

Need this. I actually almost stalled once when manually tuning out. I don’t forget to tune out of tower though, only unicom

Unicom you will you will need to tune out manually, this feature is more for when an IFATC person gives you a frequency change approve

Specifically when they repeatedly request frequency change & once we clear them they are still there for hours 😂

Got my vote! I personally find it annoying as a controller when a pilot doesn’t tune out. It can lead to me accidentally re-clicking them after swiping them away, then they’re back on my frequency, causing slight delays, and so forth. Great feature request, Chris.


It’s not very realistic though, is it? In real-life, the pilots have to change the frequency, not the controllers. You could just remove the flight-strip from the list and the plane does no longer affect you.

Help me if I’m missing something please! 🛫

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Voted! Great idea and feature Chris!

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If we are going with this statement then I am comfused to why we have a send and switch button when ATC hands you off to another frequency. In real life this is not done however pilots have to manually do that also.

As a pilot, I can see the value in this. On more than one occasion have I opened up the ATC menu to tune into my arrival frequency to see several hundred messages from my initial frequency. Having a quick and easy way to detune a frequency would be a nice quality of life improvement on both the pilot and ATC ends.

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