Send on guard message

What is the “send on guard message” option? What does it mean and when do I use it?

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You use it if an aircraft is flying through your airspace, however is not on your frequency.

It basically tells them to tune to your frequency, so that you know what they are doing.

As tower, you can use it to let planes inbound to your airport that are not on your frequency know that they need to be with you. They should be at most 25nm and less than 10000ft before on guarding.

For approach I believe it’s 60nm and less than FL180, if I remember correctly.


Ah. Got it. I just wanted to make sure because I didn’t know if it was some sort of emergency thing, because guard is 121.500.

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I believe it is 50NM but other than that yes. 😉 (for approach)

Thanks for clarifying everyone!

Yep, that’s correct. Thanks for checking!


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