Send me your photos or videos, I will edit them for free!

Hey everyone!

I am looking to practise some of my editing skills. In order to do that, I have created this thread, for you to email any photos or videos for me to edit.

I have access to the following software:

Photoshop 2020
After Effects 2020
Premiere Pro 2020
Illustrator 2020
Lightroom 2020

A few things I can do for you:


  • Remove text (nametags etc…)
  • Colour Correction
  • Remove unwanted parts
  • Smoother/sharper images
  • Make it look more realistic
  • Much more, just ask me what you want, I can probably do it!


  • Timelapses
  • Stitch together videos
  • Complex masking
  • Special FX
  • Colour correction
  • Text
  • Animation
  • 3D Text
  • Again, more, just ask!

What are you waiting for? Email me at


Nice thread! Would you also do timelapses? I’m sure lots would really like that

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I know what a timelapse is, but in what sense do you mean?

He means if someone sent you a normal video could you turn it into a timelapse
(Just use iMovie)

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Oh yes, definitely! I’ll add that to my list

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This was from @ philippe:

This is not an editing forum. Please avoid threads like this, especially when it invites ppl to upload many pictures (our hosting is not free)

From this topic:


I was thinking from like the replay file.

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Yup definitely

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Maybe run a thread but if someone wants to request something you Pm him? I don’t know if that still takes up space but my common sense says it most likely would.


Email me that’s better. I’ve edited the thread

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Hi, here’s a little first one if you want to get started.

Would you be able to move the metar (top left corner) slightly to the right and remove the time (top right corner. Both the current time and the timer) please?

Basically for a walpaper, it interferes with the IOS batery symbol and stuff. So the metar just needs to be moved enough to not interfere. Here’s what I mean

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The thread says to email him.

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Oh. I missed that. I read it when he posted, he’s modified it in the mean time


Ok, could I take an email? It’s all done!

I have no idea, can you just try edit these to make them better?


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Sure, they’ll be ready soon

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