send me a video for APPR

Can someone send me a tutorial on how to do an APPR landing?

Someone will link a video for you from YouTube showing the art of using APPR. I personally don’t use it often as you get the most fun hand flying!

This video shows it. Although Tyler uses a 172 it’s the same for the A350

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@Trio has a nice 10-step list here:

Hopefully this helps.


When you are within 27nm of the airport.

  1. Click the airport to show more information
  2. Go to runways
  3. Click the runway that you’d like to land on. If it doesn’t have an ILS frequency then you won’t be able to use auto land because that’s the only approach that supports auto land.
  4. Click “Set NAV 1” (or NAV 2, doesn’t matter)
  5. Click NAV
  6. Set the NAV source to NAV 1
  7. Make sure the radial matches runway heading, it should do that automatically
  8. Click APP ON (assuming you have the AP on ;))
  9. Click APPR NAV
  10. Click APPR when you’d like to activate auto land.

@Trio Is working on a written tutorial on how to set up the APPR as I write this. Seems a lot of folks are looking for help on how to use it.

In the mean time, this is a great opportunity to learn how to make some greasy landings by hand. 🙂