Send me A photo, I'll edit it! REQUESTS CLOSED

Send me A photo, I’ll edit it!

Welcome to my new series of random S & V topics. First I made a competition, now I’m going to edit your community photos.

Shall we start off with the rules, eh?

Your photo that you submitted must not be edited already.

You can select the editor, PsX or Standard Apple Editor. This one is

It is also optional to credit the edits on the photos.

If the Photo violates the Rules of this section, do not post it. I am not taking any responsibility for any closed topics.

I’m starting out with PsX, so please give back feedback if you use it regularly.



For everyone’s photos: they should be finished when i land in Cancun in about 8 hours and 15 minutes, so keep Submitting.


How about these?
Not the greatest quality lol, they were better on my phone lol

I own these photos, thanks 😉

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Here ya go

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PsX please.


Hey that’s from the Event

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Please do not send too much photos

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The Doha to Dallas AAVA event

let’s not clutter this

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Here are the pics, please use PsX


I’ll have to edit 1 of each since I do not know how my iPad will handle it

I’ve edited the most I can do just so my iPad won’t blow up






Not bad, U did good, you figured it out that it was backlit, and created a cool realistic shadow

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Wow thanks

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thanks bro

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read the title

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