Send in your FlightCast Questions for Misha and Carson!

Hey Everyone! @Mark_Denton and I are about to get on the line with @MishaCamp and @Carson. Send in your questions for these forum mods and we might ask them on FlightCast!

Episode will air this Wednesday at Midnight EST!


Here is one:

How much time do you (Carson and Misha) spend on the forum each day?


Do you really need a reply for that? haha


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@Cameron… “All”.


I guess you’re right haha. I just really want to be featured on FlightCast ;)

Question :

What would you most like to see come next/in the near future for Infinite Flight?

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How annoyed do u get when you see a feature request where it doesnt belong

If one of you two won the custom registration competition, what would the registration be.


It’s a great forum environment you guys have fostered. My question is: What principles do you apply while moderating?

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How often do you guys receive messages for flagged posts? How are they dealt with?

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“How do you feel to have your name misspelled in the flight cast graphic?”

Jk, but just letting you know Jason.

We’re finally going to know the voices of Carson and Misha.

Question: How does the process of choosing a new moderator work?

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When is the update gonna be realeased? 😂😂. Lol

Well he’s late, so that’s what he gets.

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Just saying I was on like episode 3 or smth already

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Question for Misha: are you a unicorn?


For both:

  1. What is your favorite aircraft of all time?
  2. Favorite aircraft manufacturer?
  3. Biggest accomplishment so far?
  4. Favorite ATC position on live? (ground, tower, approach, departure, or center)
    These are my questions for them. :)
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What are the top 10 stupidest flags you’ve ever gotten?

And a special one for Carson: How do you feel about the election now that Bernie is out ;)?


For Carson: Do you have an on fleek mustache?
What does B.U.F.F stand for? What’s your dog’s name?
For Misha: Why don’t unicorns have mustaches?
How much do you know about SoCal? Which place makes better aircraft US or Europe?
I do now.