Send & in sequence

when I’m at the holding short point, and I send the departure request to the atc, it says, send or in sequence, what’s the difference between these two?

Send is when it is just you or you are first in line. In sequence is used when in a line. I am sure that Declan will have more info about it. Have a good day.

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When you request departure in sequence, this means that you may not be the first aircraft in line but tells the controller that you are ready for departure once you reach the hold point and are next in line.

It basically just allows you to request departure without necessarily being the first aircraft in line at the hold point for the runway.

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tysm, also, if atc gives me clearance for take off, can I line up, stop and then take off? or i must roll and take off without lining up and stopping?

It depend on the clerence that is given.

If an ATC controller issues you with a takeoff clearance, you’re more than welcome to line up and wait, come to a stop and then begin your takeoff. Keep in mind, if the controller issues you with a “cleared for immediate takeoff” then you must takeoff as safe and expeditiously as possible.


To add: ATIS could say “rolling departures only” which again means you need to keep it moving.