Send data when app crashes

I think it would be efficient if the developers added a feature for the staff so every time that a user’s game crashes the app would send data to the moderators, admins, and developers so that they could patch the problem.

I think this would be a great feature if it’s possible to implement.

Make sure to vote if you think it’s a good idea!

The thing is I always turn that setting off on any app because of my privacy.


Think about how many crashes happen a day…

If a user has a concern about a crash they can make a topic in #support

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I see your point, but our poor devs are already loaded with work and I don’t think they need us constantly blowing up their phones asking for help. They need their beauty sleep😉😜


Or you could if your on iOS just go to -> settings -> privacy -> analytics -> analytics data and scroll down to where it says FDS and there you have all information about the app and device information.

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