Send ATC Commands using your voice

This request is for a “speech-to-text” detection that triggers commands, not voice ATC. For example if you said out loud “N623KB requesting departure to the South” it would then said the corresponding command.


It would just be so much easier for IFATC, we would be able to handle busy frequencies so much better because we could just say what we wanted the aircraft to do rather than searching for the right commands. I think IFATC should get it and pilots should get updated response options, “roger” or “wilco” should be an available button for pilots to click, following any assigned heading or altitude… Now that I think about it this would be so much better than getting any more plane updates or anything maybe even over terminals.

I am curious what the devs think because it is probably something that is very hard to implement.

Also what if it worked like this:
I open SFO enable voice communications I have 6 aircraft on ground. One of them N1LS so I say “N1LS” and the system reconizes it and then I say " line up and wait 1L, heavy tripple seven departing 28L" now they will hear that message but it would also transmit the words into the ATC chat so they can see if they missed it or something.

Pilots will not have this feature, only for IFATC .


Ah looks like I’ve misread then , in that case that would be good , I was thinking it was the other way around. Thanks for the clarification.

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Of course it’s a good idea, but I don’t think there is a need to change

if the computer does not understand your accent