Send ATC Commands using your voice

Before reading this please keep in mind, this is not voice ATC in the fact where we hear each other’s voices and respond with your voice. Also keep in mind that this would only be for the ATC side of things and not for pilots as well as only for IFATC.

Using the button system like we have now for Infinite Flight works well, but under really busy situations, it can create delays by having to scroll through the flight progress strips to find the aircraft you want to send a command to and then click more buttons after that to send the command you want to send them. My idea is to use your voice to send those commands.

I have talked to Tyler and he said he could bring it up to the developers about if/how it could be implemented but I wanted to get a community interest about this idea.

How it would work

Instead of sending the commands using the buttons, you could send them using your voice. There would be a mic button you could press and then say an aircraft’s callsign as well as the command you want to send them. For example you could say “United 423 turn left heading 360 descend and maintain 5000” and then the sim would recognize that and send the command to the pilot still using the in game communication system. If this doesn’t make a lot of sense here is a video of another ATC game using this system.

I think this would be extremely helpful in busy situations as it doesn’t create that delay of scrolling pressing, and sending. Radar controllers especially as I know how busy approach can get during a FNF. I think that using your voice would speed up your ability to control more effectively and make busy situations much more manageable. As I said this would only be for IFATC and not even for the expert server pilots and if an ATC controller didn’t want to use this, they could use the regular button system like we have now. If you have any questions or concerns about it please leave them below and if you like the idea, be sure to vote!

Please read the post before making points. This is clearly not what’s happening. @BritishAirways001

Anyways, I’ll be interested in how this will play out. Speech recognition can sometimes be… well, shoddy. I have trouble using Google Assistant on my phone. Unless they’d have only certain words to register. I can see flaws in that, but it can be worth looking at.


Thank you for opening it back up 😃

It’s an interesting idea. I, in particular, would not use the resource because I speak only the Portuguese language. Even having a notion of English, I have difficulty in pronouncing some words, which could cause complications in the use of the proposed resource, but as it was also suggested an option for the controller to remain in the use of the current system, I think this resource could be to everyone’s liking.


I watched a pretty cool video yesterday about a software engineer that codes using her only her voice due to having RSI, so this idea is a pretty interesting!


Controlling would honestly be so much easier and you would not have to find specific buttons to send to pilots especially during busy times like you said. Also it could be like optional for the people who want to use it and for the ones who can’t or don’t want to they could just use the auto system. But we would need to have the pilots selection of responses to be updated to You got my vote :)


Freeing up a vote for this, such a great idea, been thinking about how good this would be for a while. Sorry B757 rework but you already have 1000+ votes ;-;


this seems pretty awesome, instead of a robot saying it and being limited to certain terms. I like the real life atc gruffy voice where there like ehhhhh runway 30L echo2333 cleaaard for ehh deeparture to thee east.

I liked this idea sadly no votes left

Thank you!

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No, it would still come out on the other end as the text to speech. It wouldn’t be any voice communication, only a voice search kind of thing.

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I think this should only be available for IFATC controllers because finding certain commands when its busy can be very anoying so if we could just say what we need that would be better and pilots could have updated responses. I say this because controllers do not troll but some pilots do so its better this way (imo) :)

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Yes it would only be for IFATC

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I think one of the things that really differentiates Infinite Flight from any other flight simulator is it’s accessibility.

Language barriers aren’t a problem. Location isn’t a problem. Device requirements (headphones and a mic) aren’t a problem. It’s mobile. In a coffee shop, at the gym, on your couch, etc, not a problem.

For group flights between pilots, this option in-app of a voice chat would be amazing. For ATC, I think it’d be a step back. I don’t see why you wouldn’t just go try to use a desktop sim with voice instead if that were the case.

Now, if you want to make the case for a separate server where a separate community of pilots and controllers could use voice, that’d be interesting.

A text-to-speech ability would be amazing though.


I see where you are coming from. I am also one that would be against having voice to voice communication as there are so many factors that would have to be worked out and I think it just wouldn’t be worth it. Having this capability would just give quicker and more efficient ATC coverage as buttons wouldn’t need to be pressed every time to send a command. To have the sim put what we are saying into the automated speech that we use now. There would need to be fine tuning and things to figure out but it was just an idea I had.

But speaking of accessibility, this request would be amazing. Imagine if you had some kind of disability that made it impossible for you to participate, but if this were to be implemented you’d then be able to use ATC.


Maybe the real voice would be a good idea like simply create a discord “breakout room” when tuned in on a specific frequency. But, it would only be available for pilots and controllers in expert server for example. How about that ?

Unfortunately, vocal ATC (with your own voice) has been confirmed not to be happening. It would come with two many moderation issues, even if it as only on Expert Server. There will still be trolls and moderators would be required to constantly listening to every frequency all of the time.
In addition, some people might be in loud environments (i.e. young children in the background) that might not be possible to get out of. You know, that guy at the 5-year-old birthday party who decides to go on live ATC 😂
It would be great, but, not quite possible for a mobile simulator at this stage.

This request is just to be able to search for commands using your voice, like voice search. The menu of ATC commands is already complicated, and will only grow. I really like this feature and would be a great help.


It’s a good idea, but most of those who play Infinite Flight are not proficient in English

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I see this is an good idea , but what happens when theres an troll that just screams ( on purpose ) in lets say expert server and just jampacks the whole frequency , whilst other people are trying to talk at the same time aswell ?