Sencery places


I feel this place: Jan Mayen (Airport [ENJA] need a better Sencery, check out a
The Picture is from 6,000ft

Do you know anything about this?

  • We need a Sencery update as South America does!
  • I don’t care

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Sorry for the update on the poll

Hello… Infinite flight are working as hard as possible to add HD scenery around the whole globe!

Be patient and it will come!

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Ohhh! Sorry i though they just was knowing about South America so i would make a Topic so they know this too.

The poll are closing soon.

Check out this thread:

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I have seen that but Jan Mayen is under 82˚N it is 71˚N

Goal of infinite flight is to try and cover the whole globe in 15m coverage

Little patience and it will come!