Semi-ghosting At One or Two Airports In TS


I was thinking that:

People use TS like CS. And it cannot help newbies to learn ES.

I have an idea, everyday, or a day in a week, a professional IFATC member will take control at one airport in TS. People should obey the rules at that airport. If they want to play realistic, they will choose this airport. If they just want to play TS, they can choose other airports.

Pro-Atc in choosen airport will ban the users who doesn’t obey the rules. And this ban can be applied during 30 mins, 1 hour or it will be able for a region.

It is simple. People cannot learn the rules if they don’t encounter ES Atc. Also many people are scaring to be ghosted.

If we have a training server, let’s get trained with some realism.

Idea is simple. Everything is same except one airport. And ATC at this airport will apply the rules like realistic but just can do light banning.

Maybe we can choose EGLL and EHAM as pilot places. It will prevent chaos at this airport.

I actually like this idea! Let me see if I can free up a vote, also, don’t forget to vote for your own topic!


I feel like TS players shouldn’t know. IFATC should take control undercover. Of course if the person is aware they would be on their best behavior. They’re not getting reported for a week so its a warning but a warning against their record nonetheless. It encourages the uninformed to come to the forum and it surprises any trouble makers or troller’s. I also believe that under the discretion of the IFATC controller depending on how serious the issue is such as trolling or taxing into others, should get a more intense consequence instead of being ghosted for about 30 minutes.

So basically due to all of this, if this is implemented everybody who is aware will be on their best behavior at all times because they do not want to get reprimanded for it. Similar to pilots of the real world who are mostly always on their best behavior because they never know who’s watching them. Especially the controllers.


Ooh, we’ll do a wheel of all IFATC members and spin it, whoever is the unlucky one to get picked gets to control TS 😂


As much as I see this idea, it is already stressful enough to have people not listen on Expert Server and screw everything up. I can’t even imagine the status level on Training Server, but I can tell you one particular thing, I’ll call out sick if I’m chosen to control on the TS


I mean this feature shouldn’t be applied since people on TS might have a favorite airport that is under IFATC control, what should maybe be implanted is a test players have to take in order to get into ES.

If you want good atc service, and professional pilots, just go to the expert server. Get your grade up, work hard privately, and join the popular party. Simple solution.

TLDR: All the nonsense that happens on training server shouldn’t be there. If it happens it should be on the casual server. It’s not about getting our grade up and going professional it’s about fixing training server so it can at least look professional.

But see that’s the problem, we’re trying to get rid of all the nonsense that happens on training server. We’re trying to knock them out where they are created. Well technically they’re created in the casual server but mostly everyone wants to come to the training server because it has air traffic control. so you’re saying it shouldn’t be implemented because they might have a favorite airport that’s under IFATC control, so basically you’re saying because it’s their favorite airport they can screw around and ruin the experience for others at that person’s favorite airport. If they want to screw around they can go to casual am I right? Pilots don’t screw around they get everyone from Point A to Point B safely. Taxiing into others, taking off from the terminal, flying into others, disobeying ATC orders, disrupting the traffic flow, cutting first in line, landing without clearance to land, flying Mach 1 under 10,000 feet or near airports etc is not something pilots do, yet everyone wants realism but can’t handle it when it disrupts how they play. If you guys consider IF to be simulator and not a game, then each flight should be taken more seriously, do you know how fast a real pilot’s wings will be taken away from them given that they disobey ATC orders the way TS pilots do? And all we’re doing is giving them a friendly warning. It should be implemented. All the OP is trying to do is get to the bottom of the nonsense that goes down in TS. Basically all this is is a more laid-back version of ES, you can actually train this way. If this is training server then all the pilots of ts are training to do is to is bob and weave other planes or to just fly the plane. They’re not training them how to respond to ATC, they behave this way and they don’t listen because there are no consequences. If you had a trainer they’re not just gonna let you run wild. So let IFATC train them. And the same thing with Air traffic controller‘s but that’s a whole different thing. But let’s be realistic here, have you ever seen people on ES behave the way they do on TS? Personally I have not, and I believe they don’t because there are consequences behind the actions that you do, while the only way to get kicked off of training is if you fly or taxi too fast. People know not to fly or taxi too fast, which is why for the most part they won’t do it. But people also know that there are no consequences behind how they behave. All ATC can say is please follow instructions. And of course they’re not gonna listen, because nothing is gonna happen to them. Imagine KLAX becoming a sophisticated airport that I’m no longer scared of. This could be a steppingstone to get TS whipped into shape. You guys keep saying get your grade up and go to ES, but complain when people act like they’re on TS. It’s because they haven’t been whipped into shape yet. They just came to ES as soon as the system allows them. You never know even a CS pilot can come all the way to ES without considering TS. You can still get your grade up on CS you know. I can fly on expert, but I choose not to because there is more ATC coverage. Some people may have the same decision as I do. But people also want to enjoy their experience and not be taxied into. Do you get what I’m saying? We’re just trying to fix TS which is our home. While ES is your home and it’s in shape, TS is our home and it needs work and we want to fix it.


Lol I put the TLDR up there the same time as you said that. Thats hilarious.

Actually.i think again and maybe new candidates for IFATC can manage the airport and can have a semi-ghosting feature. It will allow them to train theirselves. And this airport can be changed week to week. And the information about airport and Atc could be given as a text at the beginning of session.


Love that Idea.

I see similar topics, which are saying people getting angry because chaos at airports. This can be a good solution.

This is already taking progress. TSATC, is starting to come to life. I am waiting for a reply from the owner of TSATC for me to become part of this. The point in this group is to get more unused airports in IF and chance for users to get used to IFATC before ghostings.

Tsatc doesn’t have semi-ghosting feature. Semi-ghosting would make people understand expert server without injure them.

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Also it would be a good choice for IFATC trainings.

Yes, it would!

Did you know that if you broadcast a message on TS about airport restrictions it actually says please check NOTAM or ghosting well something like that so all they have to do is enable it but because of all the trolls IF Should only make it so anyone who is TL2 on the forum can give out the ghosting.

I tried it out today when I opened, you can see the full message below.


This is why there are violations on TS. This keeps people from expert server. So I do not think they need this. They will get the hint if they try it on expert and get ghosted.

Violations are not enough. TS needs a type of ghosting or similar.

I disagree. If you go to the description of training server you’ll find that it says, “This server is used to PRACTICE pilot and ATC skills.” Adding something like this wouldn’t improve the server as a whole. It really wouldn’t improve the pilots either.

“understand expert server without injure them.” This is exactly what I’m saying. If you don’t “injure them” then what’s stopping them from doing it again? Let’s say a pilot on the training ever does this a couple times on the training server and gets semi-ghosted. What do you think it’s gonna happen when they get to the expert server? We’ll have to deal with them, and they would probably say that they thought there would be no penalties since there wasn’t any on the training server.

The expert server also gives someone something to look forward to like a goal. If you add IFATC on the training server people might think that there’s no point in trying to get grade three since it’s basically the same thing as the expert server.

All I’m trying to say is no one would really benefit from it, and it would take away time from people who worked hard to get to grade 3 on the expert sever.