Semi advanced ATC

Hallo all,
Sorry if its posted in the wrong section, but it dont let me post in features for some reason…how about a semi advanced server between playground and advanced.? Iam trying to improve my atc skills and only place to do is playground…now the problem is some planes following instructions, but a lot r doin whatever them want…so if you have set up a good patternwork, some planes just insist on using the other end of the runway for landing, whatever you tell them to do different…btw, a runway is closed command would be awesome… So iam thinking on a middlething from playground and advanced , where u can ghost users for like 10 minutes if them totally dont do what them r told…there can be an test for atc as well, like in advanced so there is no abuse…but it would been nice, for atc controllers and pilots for improving their skills, and it would improve advanced as well if u dont jump from playground directly to there…just a thought
Happy landings@all

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