Selfish planes

I know, some people very selfish. So sometimes I need to fly slow sideways. Fly side to side to fly more distance. Very dangerous fly side to side 130 knots!

I disagree, this is completely normal

it is not normal. I think 160 is normal. 150 is a bit slow. The plane already stalling 140 150! Maybe A320 150 is normal.

160kts is way too fast to land, you should maintain abour 130-140 and you won’t stall, follow the glide slope and use throttle for pitch.m


You don’t know how heavy he was. They might have been very light. Please, it is just a go around. That aircraft might not even have known you were so close behind.

Check out this tutorial.

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Hi mate, I am completely clueless as to how a B777 can go 130kts. I tried this today in X plane (please don’t close this thread since this is off topic) and at 160kts ias it was saying “Flight slow, flight slow”. The question is, was that ground speed? Because ias is sometimes higher than gs due to tailwind. Example: 34 ias, 0 gs. This would mean he was approaching at 154 ias, but gs = 130

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no but I also going 130 airspeed and same speed as him. Wind I think is very small.

With full flaps, gear down and a low landing weight at the end of a journey, 150-160kts is definitely too fast to land. A 777 doesn’t just stall at those speeds in every situation. A stall depends first and foremost on your angle of attack, and then your airspeed and weight. 130-140kts would be a pretty normal range on short final for a 777 at the end of its journey. Not too slow at all.
Also, for getting better at landings and controlling the plane at slow speeds, I would recommend that you watch a tutorial or experiment with the trim. You’ll be surprised at how smoothly the plane (literally) flies with about 20% trim.

Hmmm was that a tailwind at the time?

I forgot but when I going 130 airspeed, same speed as him

“Flight slow?”
Were you using the IF Assist app?
If so, it might have been saying “glideslope,” not “flight slow.”
Usually if you’re flying too slow and are about to stall, the warning sounds something like “Stall! BEEP BEEP BEEP.”

Airspeed or gs because it will display ground speed without looking into his details

I know I did not look his airspeed, but my airspeed is 130 and I am same speed as him so I think his airspeed also the same. The wind there is very little.

Hi mate. I said X plane 10 mobile on my iPad using a 777-200er, not on if, but that is irrelevant to infinite flight

this discussion is actually going nowhere, Can we all please take our losses when we need to G/A. As many topics were made last weeks about increasing traffic due to the crisis. Please be more relax. We all need to deal with any inconvenience and we are all trying to improve our skills, both pilots and ATC. In case of a unfortunate go around, please just do it and get a new approach. And at the end of the day we will all be good.

You have to realise the 130kt you see in front of you displayed for that aircraft is ground speed and and not true airspeed. Add the head wind of whatever that is and that 777 was probably doing 140ish kt anyhow
So that was normal. Next time compare your indicated airspeed to the ground one and you will see.

Mate, I said I was on X PLANE, not IF. I used the 777 add-on. This is not an X plane forum, this is an IF forum. I just mentioned it for an example

Can second this. When IFATC was in Spain, I had to go around 3 times, and all were my fault. Not enough spacing, too fast, and too high.

Well, IFATC should provide you a larger separation or ask the B777 to increase its speed>_<.
That even happens in real life! Boeing aircraft has an outstanding aerodynamic performance. When proceeding Boeing aircraft is light, they can reduce their speed to very slow comparing with Airbus.
My colleague in approach will pay extra attention to B737 which is following by A320.