Selfish planes

On expert server there are selfish planes. A plane in front of me, flying 130 knots! He go so slow, there is no space behind him! I going very slow 140 knots but I have to go around because no space! I am A340 big plane, 140 knots already too slow!
ATC should tell selfish planes going slow to go around, not person behind him.

now I wait 20 minutes going around again!

There are no such things as selfish planes, only selfish pilots

As many said, due to lockdowns people have more time to fly and less experienced pilots get their numbers up and join the expert server. We can’t do much about that.


130 seems normal for smaller aircraft… and since you’re the one behind him, sometimes you have to deal with a go around. It happens, it’s happened to many people in the community. They were there first, you were second, sometimes you get the short end of the stick, you have to be prepared for go-arounds they happen. and what @Q-ENAN has said above.


I saw you going around on the radar, I’m in a Ryanair 73 landing from Alicante in about 50 minutes. That’s what I hate about 1 runway airports with atc

Was he on final? If yes, than 130 knots is a normal landing speed

So, actually, the aircraft that is lower has right of way. This is because if the lowe plane starts climbing in a go around, and the higher plane keeps descending, they could collide. So, the aircraft that is higher always has to go around if separation is not adequate. Also, the other pilot might not be selfish, he might need to go slowe. What type was he? It might have been a slower aircraft. You can’t land a cessna at 140kts! 😉

i actually think 130 is a quite normal approach speed, even for a ‘light’ 777. You can try to slow down when on a long final to react at what is happening.

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Normally in this case, ATC will ask the aircraft in front to maintain best forward speed, while you maintain slowest practical case… 130 knots honestly seems ok.

I know plane behind must go around of course. But he is selfish! Go so slow make people behind him go around. He is boeing 777! Boeing 777 130 knots!!

already stalling fly 130 knots!

Did you use full flaps and was your trim okay?

I always using full flaps. I dont know the trim I dont need trim.

Hey dont worry there is worse yesterday i had a Dash 8 flying at 80 KNOTS ahead of me and i had to go around too

okay. Well, at the end of the day… go arounds happen. And we have all been there once or more. Separation isn’t guaranteed at all times and we have te work around. All of us. So i’d recommend; take your loss this time and next time it will be in your favour. have some nice landings :)

As others have said. Actually, 130kts for a 777 is a completely normal speed. Hi is not selfish. If anything, you are being ever so slightly ruder to him than he is to you. I understand your frustration but, you can’t always have a perfect approach.

I know, some people very selfish. So sometimes I need to fly slow sideways. Fly side to side to fly more distance. Very dangerous fly side to side 130 knots!

I disagree, this is completely normal

it is not normal. I think 160 is normal. 150 is a bit slow. The plane already stalling 140 150! Maybe A320 150 is normal.

160kts is way too fast to land, you should maintain abour 130-140 and you won’t stall, follow the glide slope and use throttle for pitch.m