Self made messages to ATC

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I would like to ask if there could be a feature where we can type messages to ATC. I know it is also a feature request but I can’t put all categories. Any way say some ATC is trolling you or telling you to taxi to a inactive runway or telling you to do something that will make you crash or mess up. We should be able to type a message saying " unable to taxi to this runway, please listen to requests " or " please follow rules stop trolling ". At least something . ATC have the power to tell us to follow instructions when we are following instructions why can’t we have messages or something like that to tell them to stop trolling. :)


I also want this feature added but this has been discussed before. Please search before posting next time. :)


If pilots don’t know what line up and wait means then I feel sorry for the traffic stuck behind him 😂

@Gman… Sounds like a Training Server Grip! If so chalk it up to the learning cycle. If your an experience Aviator and a Trainee Controller skews up ignore it just Continue the March and proceed to an alternate. You to where a Fledgelings once! Stuff happens move on! (Suggest next time you have a controller gripe identify the Server in the topic so I can ignore it, Thanks)

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I am personally against this. Go to Expert server period…if you think this happens on expert server for reals If we tell you as IFATC to taxi to a certain runway what in the world could possibly be keeping you from taxiing to that runway?? Are there giant aliens or dragons?? We will never tell you to taxi to an innactive runway. So don’t worry about this don’t fly where there are bad controllers. FLY ON EXPERT!

And if go to expert there won’t be ANY trolling. If you see this in TS1 can you imagine the chatter?

“Taxi to runway XX”
“Unable you muppet learn how to control”
“Please follow instructions”
“I refuse”

The servers would become an absolute mass of noise and rude pilots and controllers!

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Check topic Nathan linked above. :)